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September 2016 - Meet Arlene Creitz, Sustaining Angel. Arlene is a long time Angel Interfaith Network volunteer who was Secretary to the Leadership Council for more than a decade, as well as running the Silent Auction and Opportunity Drawings for our Fundraising Luncheons. A Sustaining Angel for many years, she first wrote checks and mailed them, but then signed up online so she doesn’t even have to go to the mailbox. “So much easier,” she says. When asked why she became a Sustaining Angel, Arlene matter-of-factly replied,“Because someone asked me to.” So simple, and so often the way it happens: someone asks and we step up to serve. Click here to read more >

August 2016 - Who Are You? Last month we introduced you to the Carpenter family, Sustaining Angels whose daughter Susanne had just been awarded her Girl Scout Gold Award for her work with Angel Interfaith Network. We’d like to introduce other Sustaining Angels and let them tell their stories of supporting AIN. Click here to read more >

July 2016 - Congratulations, Susanne Carpenter. Susanne did her Girl Scout Gold Award Project with Angel Interfaith Network this year, creating a talk and slide show, introducing the project to new groups in her community and guiding younger Scouts in filling baby baskets with the things her fundraising purchased. Click here to read more >

June 2016 - Thank you! San Marino Rotary, for your $1500 grant for eviction prevention and emergency shelter. The stories in this issue are two examples of that grant at work. Click here to read more >

May 2016 - Thank you, Teens of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, for serving a forgotten group—hospitalized teens. For a decade now the youth of Trinity Pres have donated baskets at Christmas and Easter, made by teens for teens. This Easter each of twenty-four baskets included pens, water bottles, journals, puzzle books and a gift card from Target or Starbucks. Thank you for making sure that twenty-four teens were not forgotten this spring. Click here to read more >

April 2016 - “April Showers Bring May Flowers” (at least in areas where rain falls all year). But the families we serve can experience storms at any time. With your help, we are able to help them weather the storms that come their way. Click here to read more >

March 2016 - Joy to you as we anticipate Easter, enjoy St. Patrick’s Day, and delight in signs of spring. In this time of rebirth, let’s not forget those in need who are served by Angel Interfaith Network. Click here to read more >

February 2016 - Happy Valentine’s Day! In this season of love, we love the many volunteers and supporters who make our work possible. Folks across LA County gather supplies, keep their congregations informed of our work, host baby showers and other events, keep us in food certificates, and donate regularly. We love our Sustaining Angels whose regular gifts keep our cash flow predictable. We love the social workers and chaplains and medical staff who refer patients to us. We love our office staff that does the day to day patient care and our leadership team. Most of all we love the patients and families we have the privilege to serve. Click here to read more >

January 2016 - Happy New Year! We hope the holidays were joyous for you and yours and that our world can find confidence and peace as we seek to live and serve together. Click here to read more >

December 2010 - At this season of darkness outside and light in our hearts, greetings. Our fundraiser in October was called Let There Be Light and there was. It was our most successful event yet. Our clients continue to need our care and concern, and our work brings light to our hearts as well as lightening their burdens a little. And we anticipate a wonderful unfolding of new possibilities in the coming year. More on that in January.

September 2010 - Here's your chance to make a big difference in the lives of folks in our Los Angeles community who need some help when illness strikes them or their family. In your name, AIN reaches out with a hand of concern, friendship, and blessing to meet their unmet needs. In order to help these people, we need volunteers, things, and the cash to purchase what cannot be donated (like eviction prevention and utility maintenance).

August 2010 - There is an internet story circulating about two men walking along a seashore strewn with stranded starfish. As they walk, one man throws one after another back into the sea. Finally his companion points out that there are thousands of the animals along the sand, and throwing single starfish back was not really altering the situation at all. To which his friend replied, "Ah, but what a difference it makes to the ones I throw back." Click here to read more >

April 2010 - Angel Interfaith Network was formed and continues to exist to serve people. Service defines is who we is why we work, give, and dream together. As a part of our network, you enjoy the awareness of being a part of our story, of being partners with the volunteers and staff as they bring relief and comfort to someone in need. Click here to read more >

December 2009 - Angel Interfaith Network has been grateful to receive a shower of unexpected blessings.  We just supplied 49 patient families with Thanksgiving dinners or food certificates with help from Northminster Presbyterian Church (Diamond Bar), the Downtown Los Angeles Rotary Club, the L.A. Regional Food Bank, Calvary Preschool, seven wonderful volunteer drivers and a number of you who responded to our appeal to match the generous donation we received from the Mission Committee of St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in Pacific Palisades. Click here to read more >

September 2009 - "No one should die because they have no health insurance or go broke because they get sick."  The message went "viral" last week on Facebook, with a phenomenal number of people following the suggestion and posting it as their "status" message for 24 hours.  In the current climate, you can make of it what you will.  It seems like a bottom line for a number of folks as we weigh what is needed today in healthcare reform. Click here to read more >

July 2009 - We're not the ones receiving federal stimulus dollars or large foundation grants to serve people in crisis in this economy.  The crises we respond to best are those referred to us by social workers, chaplains or medical staff at L.A. County + USC Medical Center when they have no other place left to turn as they seek help for an individual or family.  Angel Interfaith Network is here to make that worn and overextended safety net a bit more substantial for a vulnerable population, in times when the economy is working well for people as well as when it is not. Click here to read more >

May 2009 - Anna M. Jarvis - one who popularized Mother's Day in the United States beginning in 1908 - was periodically disturbed by commercialization of her holiday over the years. In the current economy, Angel Interfaith Network certainly would not want to jeopardize what has now become a $14 billion industry. But we DO wonder if Anna M. Jarvis may still have some kindred spirits among us! Click here to read more >

February 2009 - Appealing to "the better angels of our nature," Abraham Lincoln attempted to bridge the gap with ardent secessionists in his first Inaugural Address.  Humaneness, compassion, good will and tolerance were virtues embodied by those angels he invoked.  Attention refocused on those words recently as another inauguration fell just before the 200th anniversary of Lincoln's birth. Click here to read more >

December 2008 - It was early in December of the twentieth anniversary year of Angel Interfaith Network.  Raquel was in the storage room preparing generously stocked baby baskets for two sets of twins just born in the new L.A. County + USC Medical Center.  Sister Estelle was ministering to a grateful mother calling from Bakersfield to thank us for the Thanksgiving dinner we provided for her family.  Her two year old daughter is awaiting a kidney transplant.  Ann was delivering a twin bed mattress to the family of a patient in need.  I was pulling together AIN interpretive materials for the Agency Fair and Alternative Christmas Markets coming up in the week ahead. Click here to read more >

November 2008 - It's the middle of November and there's a widespread feeling of being caught somewhere between the old and the new. That's as true at L.A. County + USC Medical Center as it is anywhere else in the country in these days. The move to new buildings has been largely accomplished now, but it looks like there will still be some running back and forth for many staff, including the Department of Pastoral Care. That iconic 75 year-old structure still casts a powerful shadow over much of the community. Click here to read more >

September 2008 - While Angel Interfaith Network focuses on "Celebrating What We Do Together," our annual benefit luncheon coming on Saturday, October 25th, our partners at L.A. County + USC Medical Center are in the midst of their long-anticipated move to new facilities. Now AIN is in the home stretch of its 20th anniversary year. Click here to read more >

August 2008 - More patients, more services and, thanks to a new Clinical Pastoral Education intern, more critically important pastoral care. That's the message that Angel Interfaith Network is taking “on the road” as we reach out to far-flung supporters this summer. Click here to read more >

May 2008 - Just the first half of the shipment from L.A. Diaper Drive last week was a total of nearly 17,000 diapers! Then came Girl Scout Troop #480 with a dozen decorated baskets of items especially designed to appeal to youngsters in the care of L.A. County + USC Medical Center. Next came the first of anticipated monthly deliveries of baby supplies resulting from "Lil Angel Sunday" at Oneonta Congregational Church here in South Pasadena. Can Mother's Day be far behind? Click here to read more >

March 2008 - Twenty years ago it wasn't news that congregations responded to calls for help for needy patients from chaplains at L.A. County + USC Medical Center. That had been happening without fanfare from the earliest days of the hospital. What was new in 1988 was that Chaplain Santos Ramos and Ann Mills teamed up to uncover a wellspring of compassion and generosity in congregations and communities all across Los Angeles County and beyond that continues to flow to this day. Click here to read more >

February 2008 - Angel Interfaith Network is so much more than the four souls who labor in the basement of a South Pasadena church on behalf of patients and families from the L.A. County + USC Medical Center network. Click here to read more >

November 2007 - Following our successful "Everyday Miracles" benefit luncheon last month, Angel Interfaith Network is embarking upon a strategic planning process and firming up more short-range plans for the holiday season. At an October baby shower in Claremont, an interfaith group of women helped AIN recognize and celebrate five years of service by Raquel Salinas. We enter the Thanksgiving season with many reasons for gratitude. Click here to read more >

September 2007 - Fall is creeping up on us, and it is a season when we at Angel Interfaith Network begin to reflect on "milestones" in our development. You can read about one of them in the article below. Another one will be our sixth annual benefit luncheon, "Everyday Miracles," being held at Oneonta Congregational Church in South Pasadena on Saturday, October 20th. Milestones show us that each day we grow in our capacity to serve the neediest patients of L.A. County + USC Medical Center and their families through charitable assistance and pastoral care. Click here to read more >

August 2007 - Summer has been a busy season for us at Angel Interfaith Network. Mother's Day yielded a fresh supply of baby items, and supplies and furnishings are going out from AIN to locations near and far. Below you'll see a glimpse of our newly refurbished storeroom with everything securely in its place, ready to travel. Click here to read more >

May 2007 -We're delighted to share our first edition of a new E- Newsletter and to give you a glimpse of some of what has been happening this Spring with AIN. You'll find a variety of ways you can support AIN, including volunteer opportunities, the "Sustaining Angel" program and the Ralph's Club Community Contributions program. Mark your calendar now for the annual Fall Luncheon coming on October 20th. Ann, Raquel and the entire AIN board join me in sending you warm greetings and appreciation for your support. Click here to read more >