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A Circle of Angels

Sometimes we walk with a patient for a moment; sometimes we get to know them over a lifetime. Over the lifetime of Angel Interfaith Network, many congregations have supported our work with both money and volunteers. That support continues with monthly or quarterly gifts, Alternative Markets, and grants for specific projects. We are so grateful for the groups and individuals who have enabled our work for more than a quarter century now. They have formed the circle of angels who are Angel Interfaith Network.

The image of a circle of angels is a detail of John August Swanson’s painting, Nativity (1988). The artist has generously agreed to allow Angel Interfaith Network to use a version of this image as the symbol of our Sustaining Angels program as we grow the circle of angels sustaining AIN.

Sustaining Angels commit to small amounts of monthly or quarterly giving. This regular individual giving both broadens our base of support and stabilized our funding flow. Let’s imagine there are 100 people reading this article. And let’s imagine each one joins the circle of Sustaining Angels at just $10 a month (less than one first run movie ticket, two lattes, one haircut… you know all the places $10 can slip from your wallet).

That circle of Sustaining Angels could provide 100 emergency food certificates for hungry individuals. OR 25 interventions with utilities companies to keep the lights on. OR checks to 20 landlords to stave off eviction until other arrangements can be made. OR new crib mattresses for 10 children with compromised immune systems who can’t risk the hand-me-down mattress, even from an older sibling. OR that circle of Sustaining Angels could add more than three full days of care coordination and direct administrative support, making sure our phones were answered, resources organized, and volunteers welcomed and deployed. (Currently, the office is only open about thirty hours a week, so requests that come in early or late in the day just have to wait.)Your $10 monthly gift could make such a difference in the lives of the patients and families who chaplains and social workers refer to Angel Interfaith Network with unique or otherwise unmet needs.

Will you join the Circle of Sustaining Angels?