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Volunteer Recognition Luncheon

Thank you to the volunteers who made our physical move a reality. We’re settled in and there are still challenges and opportunities ahead. We would like to be financially strong enough to hire a part-time coordinator and a part-time church relations person or, more likely in the short run, find volunteers for those positions. We need new perspectives and energy on our Leadership Council, especially people with heart and expertise in finance and development. There is always work for volunteers who will make deliveries, sort donations, etc. We need to build and stabilize our cash flow through programs like Sustaining Angels. We hope you will look into your heart and find how you are part of the mission of Angel Interfaith Network. Ask any of our volunteers and leaders: it’s heartwarming work, and what you do makes both a material and a spiritual difference for those we serve.


Angel Adame • Hugo Adame • Maria Aguilera • Amy Balsz • Laura Canche
Yolanda Canche • Isela Castellanos • Sarah Cecire • Areta Crowell • Ana Cruz
Israel Cruz • Joe Esquivel • Mickey Falcon • Cesar Falconett • Rose Falconett
Socorro Gamboa • Phyllis Gillet • Genevieve Gonzales • Heidi Gutierrez
Clara (Taz) Hartsough • Louise Inouye • Sandy Lara • Corine Lopez • Martha Lupercio
Terrace Madry • Anairis Martinez • Glenda Martinez • Rev. Rex McDaniel
Toti Mendoza • Ann Mills • Brenda Morales • Josefina Moreno-Acosta
Ryan Nakura • Wade Nakura • Jimmy Nunez • Erin Poole • Anabel Ramirez
Talia Ramirez • Jackeline Santos Rios • Maria Robles • Yolanda Rosa Rousse
Victor Solis • George Stanley • Chevita Torres • Symeon Rendall Yee • Alice Young